Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment and has been for a while. Most recently, we heard that the Earth’s ozone layer was actually healing in March 2020 (according to a scientific study published in the Nature journal) thanks to the decrease in CO2 emissions during Covid-19. And at beyondbun, that’s big news for us, as the environment and your baby’s development are our core values. Want to find out more? Here’s the lowdown…

What is a sustainable material ?

A sustainable material is one that’s produced in a planet-conscious way. These create precious materials for baby items and toys without sacrificing natural resources. This means they might be made out of recycled materials, like rPET  (  an Elva favourite ), recycled cotton ( which helps reduce water and energy ) or organic GOTT certifies linen ( which uses 100% of the flax plant, so nothing goes to waste ).

Why are sustainable baby materials important ?

At beyondbun, we believe that sustainable baby materials offer a win-win situation. Why? Well, the fabric is incredibly soft, soothing and comforting whilst it also reduces your carbon footprint. Mums, you’ll feel great when you do your bit to secure a greener, cleaner future.

Are beyondbun's Elva products made from sustainable materials ?

Yes, they certainly are. You can rest assured knowing that you’re choosing sustainable materials and therefore an eco-friendly lifestyle when you buy beyondbun Elva baby products. What’s more, the materials we use are gentle on your baby’s skin and mind – bonus! We’re also OEKO-TEX 100 and REACH certified, guaranteeing that no harmful chemicals are involved in the process. We’re completely transparent when it comes to our sustainable materials - you won’t find any greenwashing here.


  • So what exactly is rPET? It’s an abbreviation for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic that can be fully recycled (whoop!). The best news is that all our products at beyondbun Elva range are made from this sustainable material, which is produced from 99.5% discarded water bottles. These are washed, grounded into flakes and re-spun into new polyester yarn, which has heaps of benefits, including a 30-50% lower carbon footprint than virgin polyester and cotton and reducing ocean bottle waste. Overall, beyondbun saves between 30-55 % of natural resources, so it’s the perfect option for earth-conscious mums.

  • Have you noticed our minky dot material on baby products such as the beyondbun Elva Sensory Blankets and Elva Bubble Bunnys ? It’s 45 % heavier and more dense than ordinary minky dot material and is so luxurious that you’ll be happy to have it around the house too. Specifically designed to help boost their brain power and soothe their nervous system, this sustainable material is pressed in a way that creates tactile bubbles your baby will adore.

  • At beyondbun, we deeply care about the environment and how sustainable a material is at every stage, which is why we’re not the biggest fans of cotton. Dubbed the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop because of the use of insecticides (the most hazardous pesticide to human and animals), cotton requires a lot of water and chemicals to grow. And when it comes to organic cotton, did you know that the United States Department of Agriculture allows clothing manufacturers to use this material and treat it with chlorine bleach and nanoparticle antibacterial chemicals as well as dye it and drench it in finishing treatments? Yep, we were as shocked as you are. So at beyondbun it’s our mission to create precious baby products that you won’t feel guilty about buying.