Sensory toys are all about increasing your baby’s brain development, cognitive abilities and emotional awareness, so they’re super important to introduce. Their aim ? To help stimulate your baby’s senses and get the most out of play time. We’re proud to say that Elva sensory toys have undergone years of research and development to offer you the best quality items, which is why we’re one of the best places to buy sensory toys.  

What are sensory toys ?

Sensory toys are specifically designed to help your baby use their senses and therefore increase psychological development. These come in many different shapes, materials and sizes – whilst one sensory toy might focus on your baby’s sight by featuring bold colours to thrill or pastel shades to calm, others may feature different textures so that your little one can explore their sense of touch.

How do sensory toys help ?

There are many ways sensory toys help your baby’s psychological development, which is why they should be on top of your wish list. The benefits are plentiful, from helping them interact and strengthening social bonds ( especially between mum and baby at playtime ) to making them aware of their surroundings, problem solving and language development. It’s known that these sensory skills are the foundation for how well your child will learn at school.

Are sensory toys good for babies ?

The answer is a definite yes. We’d recommend introducing your baby to beyondbun Elva sensory toys from birth, when their brain is like a sponge, taking in large amounts of information around them. Contrary to common belief, according to neuroscientist Audrey van der Meer, professor at the Norwegian University of Scienece and Technologi, babies can actually learn from the day they’re born.

Her studies shows that the development of our brain, sensory perception and motor skills happen in sync, and even the smallest babies must be challenged from birth.  The term for this is called “early intervention” and is rapidly gaining momentum especially in the Nordic countries.  Fascinating, right ? 


  • Sensory toys are extremely important because your child’s brain is starting to grow rapidly and this is how their development, capabilities and abilities will be shaped. This simple way of building baby intelligence will make a significant difference in their life, so think of it as an opportunity to provide them with key skills they’ll need as children and adults. Say hello to the beyondbun Tiger Tentacles, an adorable octopus toy with flexible tentacles that they’ll love squeezing and caressing for cognitive stimulation and psychological development.


  • Fine motor skills refer to the coordination between small muscle movements (such as the hands and wrists) and eyesight - this enables you to hold items, eat and turn pages of a book. Sensory toys like the beyondbun Marlon The Ball are designed for your little one to practice grasping, throwing, rolling and catching. The ideal playtime buddy, this smiling ball is a unique multi-sensory experience for mums looking to distract their little ones.


  • As your baby interacts and becomes comforted by their favourite toy, it shapes their social skills. Take the beyondbun Harper The Giraffe for example, which offers your baby a sensory toy they’ll never forget. Building a new relationship with this huggable giraffe will help them feel affection, express emotions and make their first real friend. Top tip: encourage your child to communicate and interact with kindness with their sensory toy – this will help them differentiate between good and bad behaviours.