At beyondbun, we’re big fans of octopus toys. Why ? They’re not only known to be extremely soothing for your little one, but it will also teach them about different animals and their features. Whether you opt for the small or big Magic Octopus toy from beyondbun, you’ll have no regrets when it comes to playtime. Here’s why…

What are the beyondbun Magic Octopus toys?

We’ve designed a range of small and big octopus toys to suit your baby at every stage of their development, from birth to toddler age and early childhood. Our aim ? To help bring out the best in your little one by encouraging key skills whilst they play with their favourite Magic Octopus toy.

What age can a baby use the beyondbun Magic Octopus toy ?

We’d recommend buying a small Magic Octopus toy for your newborn baby because after nine months of carrying them, you’ll want to gift them an extra special first toy. There are seven small Magic Octopus toys to choose from at beyondbun, from the super-cute Tabitha Tentacles to the incredibly huggable Tobias Tentacles. The best part? When your baby grows out of these, they can upgrade to a big Magic Octopus toy.  

How do you clean the beyondbun Magic Octopus toy?

Washing the Magic Octopus toy is easy, so you can keep a high level of hygiene and cleanliness for your baby. Pop it into the washing machine at 40°, then tumble dry at low heat or air dry flat. Simple!


  • The beyondbun Magic Octopus is so much more than just a toy. While your little one is enjoying playtime, they’ll subconsciously be learning and developing as they caress, squeeze and hold onto the flexible tentacles. This offers them cognitive stimulation and boosts their fine motor skills ( the coordination between the hands, wrists and eyesight that enables you to hold items, eat and turn pages of a book ). Additionally, they’ll love feeling the bubbly texture of the Magic Octopus toy’s head and interacting with their new playtime companion.  


  • Opting for the beyondbun small Magic Octopus toy is the perfect pick for your newborn. Whilst being premature-friendly due to the tentacles reminding babies of the umbilical cord, they’ll also help them find inner calm and relieve stress, soothing their nervous system at this important life stage.


  • Peace and quiet seem like a lifetime ago ? The beyondbun Magic Octopus is the ultimate distraction toy, so you might just be getting a little more time to yourself with this saviour. Once they’re able to tuck and hug their new playtime buddy, it’ll be their go-to fidget item - so you can get a few things ticked off your at-home to-do list whilst they happily play. That’s you sorted!


  • When they start speaking from around 18 months - 2 years, they’ll love chatting away to their beyondbun Magic Octopus toy. And you can also start teaching them fun facts about octopuses as they become attached to their toy, such as they have 6 arms ( tentacles ) and two legs, three hearts and can camouflage. How interesting is that ?


    Premature babies and octopus toys

    Octopus toys have been known to help premature babies in hospitals and incubators find comfort and distraction from tubes and cables, which is how the crochet octopus toy phenomenon started in Denmark in 2013 with the Octopus For A Preemie organisation. However, these knitted toys cannot be sterilised, which means that hospitals has started banning them. As they are made from cotton and wool, they are actually hazardous for preemie babies due to the amount of bacteria that built up.  

    When you opt for a beyondbun Magic Octopus toy, not only is it made from baby-friendly, luxuriously soft material, but it’s also washable at 40° - 60°, so they adapt and align with NICU guidelines and are safe for your premature newborn.