We do not just touch we feel

At the very early stages of childhood babies cannot actively play or interact with sensory objects. Therefore encouraging them to explore and be surrounded by material which has tactile surfaces will effectively stimulate and awaken their neuro-synapses. Their spontaneous movements, the wriggling of small feet’s and arms, or the body's weight on a sensory blanket, will all contribute to this stimulation. 

A study published in the NeuroReport measured the cortical hemodynamic changes in response to three different types of stimuli: tactile, auditory and visual, on newborns ages 3 – 9 days old.
The results showed that when the brain responded to each type of stimulation, the corresponding primary sensory area was activated. However tactile stimulation induced a much broader area of brain activation than the other two types of stimulation, (auditory or visual)
This suggest that the tactile system and the development of this, is one of the most important foundations for our children to build brain connections and boost baby brainpower.