The Beginning Denmark 2004, Anton is born with a rare eye disease, causing complete blindness.

In distress and anxious of being hospitalised, surrounded by tubes, machines and away from his home, his mother starts to search for something which can comfort him.

She finds a blanket with small bubbles on, and it accompanies Anton doing his surgeries and comforts him.

After Anton’s recovery, the medical staff speak about an increased awareness and calm from Anton when in contact with the bubble blanket.

Intrigued by this, his mother donates several to the Neonatal ward and again reports of increased wellness, awareness and stabilised cardiac rhythm are reported. She launches the first commercial production under the name Karma Kidz.

A New Chapter In 2010 Pernille Brostrup (that's me) bought the company after having seen my own son’s love for it and how it calmed him. 2015 was the year I finally took the leap of faith and quit my job at Marchay, a luxury business traveller platform. The time was ready to bring my idea into the world.

All the research and several studies showed strong correlations between sensory and tactile input and the cognitive development of a child and this was completely in line with my ideas of a more holistic approach to early development. 

Science Based To confirm this I asked for the help of Dr Tiffany Fields, head of the Touch Research Centre at the Mailman University Hospital in Miami. Based on Dr Fields feedback I went back to work with the supplier to adjust the knitting and pressing process by which we obtain the unique sensory material.

The first capsule collection was ready in the fall 2017 and focused on increasing the tactile stimulation and cognitive development of the baby.