Did you know that we have 6 senses ? Not just 5. The 6th sense is the Proprioceptive sense and it teaches baby where its body parts are and how much effort is required to do things. Its often referred to as the ‘safe sense’. This is because activities which stimulate this sense have an organising effect on the brain.

Crawling across a room, picking up a glass or properly eating are all competencies that are learned through this sense and we can stimulate this with the help of weighted toys

Activity ideas for baby with Cameron and friends

Just received your crab and eager to get started with some sensory play ? here are two ideas for sensory activities with baby.
*We always recommend that you heat up the room so your baby feels warm and relaxed. Being in a onesie or diaper will also increase the effects and benefits.

Activity I Body awareness Duration 5-15 min

  • Gently hold the crab over your baby's body, stroking the claws on his chest to allow contact to be registered.
  • Place the crab on his chest and allow him to be aware of this added weight.
  • If he reach for it, let him explore it.
  • If he drops it, pick it up and place it back on the chest in a different place.
  • Talk soothingly to your baby, telling him about the exercise, about the little toy and how lovely it will feel when lying on him.
* Make sure to stop if your baby begins to avoid eye contact or begins to cry

Activity II Concentration & motor skills Duration 5-15 min

  • With your baby lying on his back, hold the crab over his body within reach of the arms.
  • Make sure that when he grabs it, you gently support it, until he has registered the weight himself.
  • If he drops it, start over. Gradually his brain will expect and anticipate the added resistance.
  • Talk soothingly, explain him the exercise, about the little toy and how brilliant he is for holding it.
* Your soothing voice and positive encouragement will make this an even better experience and enforce your social bond and trust.