At birth, your baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, the same amount of stars in the milky way. During their first few years, they’ll grow trillions of nerve cell connections, called neural synapses. 

Key competencies like fine motor skills, linguistic, emotional and creative abilities are all determined by how we process sensory input. And the very first sense baby develops is the sense of touch. 

The early years are prime time for a young developing brain. This intense period of brain growth and network building is our unique opportunity to help encourage brain development in our babies. It is this early stage of brain development that results in how and how well you think and learn - both as children and adults.

But here’s the thing: the rule for brain wiring is to ‘use it or lose it’. Synapses that are not wired together through stimulation and experiences are reduced and lost during a child’s first years. That’s why repetitive and consistent stimulation strengthens these connections and makes them permanent.

Our Elva baby and toddler collection offers that constant gentle stimulation. The myriads of dense sensory bubbles covering the products are the result of two years of R&D ( Research and Development ). This is not a minky dot material as you know it – it’s 45% heavier and more dense with a pressing process that creates solid but soft tactile bubbles that will boost your baby’s brain power and soothe their nervous system.